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Yelp Reviews

I work in the area, and when I want a slice I go here. There is NO good pizza up here in the Somerset/Somerville area as I've tried them all. Orsillo's Grandma pie is the BEST THAT I'VE EVER TASTED. Damiano takes great pride in making his product. The sauce is outstanding, a nice crispy crust, tons of garlic and the cheese - man, I'm drooling right now wanting a slice. And last week, he turned me onto his 'latest'. A white artichoke pie smothered in garlic and pesto. Fabulous.
- Ted K, Oakhurst, NJ

This is great pizza. The dough to sauce to cheese ratio is always perfect and most importantly he uses fresh toppings. I have only had the pizza from here and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed.
- Anil C, New York, NY

I've stopped in many times. Solid selection of pizzas and delish garlic knots too. I plan to stop back and try some salads or dinners.
- Alison H, New Brunswick, NJ

We bought paint next door and had to wait for them to make it, so we had 15 minutes to burn. My girl and I decided to stop by this Pizzeria, and we are glad we did. The place is very neatly decorated. The lighting is great too. We were not planning on staying long, so we ordered a quick snack of mozzarella sticks with extra marinara sauce, and chicken fingers with bbq sauce.

The mozz sticks was bla BAM! The marinara sauce it came with was nice and hot, and has that tang that im looking for. The chicken fingers was nice and crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. I think our favorite part of this meal was the barbecue sauce. Its the same bbq sauce that we have been looking for all our life. Its the same one as the pizzeria in Hoboken called Impostos. The bbq sauce just sealed the deal for us. I cant wait to come back here and buy a bucket of this sauce. I hope they sell it to us by the bucket.
- Jeff M, Princeton, NJ

Stopped by for a Margherita pizza yesterday, to go Thin crust, good toppings, classic taste. So we will be stopping by a lot more in future. Decent decor,full Italian menu, not just pies. Worth a try.
- Jim B, Somerset, NJ


TripAdvisor Reviews

Lived in Jersey, and when I moved back to the midwest, I missed the delicious East Coast Pizza. I've now moved back to Jersey and found this pizza just down the street. We always get take-out. Exactly the taste and crust I'm looking for. It is so good I just want cheese, so the toppings don't take away from the great crust, sauce, and cheese. It is good with toppings though too. I live close, and I don't need to go anywhere else for pizza, because this is good stuff. The one time I did go to another recommended pizza place, I was disappointed. We've had this pizza about 6 times in the last couple of months. The staff is very friendly.
- Katherine T, Lanesboro, MN


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